50C 1827 SQ BASE 2 PCGS MS65 0-114


When we are offered this coin magnificent GEM we could not put it down. We negotiated for an hour in order to buy this. Its the kind of coin we want to place and get back one day for sure! The quality is HIGH END. Virgin surfaces have no flaws of any size, any where. We looked hard at this coin with a strong glass too. The texture is slightly satiny. A moderate luster beams from all over. The colors are totally original and are moderate shades of blue/lavender (NOT DULL)/pale purple/pale green/gold. Miss Liberty and the details are extra sharp in strike. In fact the reverse denticals stand out almost like a proof striking would-very neat to see. The eye appeal of this coin is superb! PCGS 15, NGC 7, CAC 11. We assume this coin has been to PCGS more then once. The last one of these to sell in auction brought $13,800.00 06/2011. That was FIVE years ago! Think these are can be found-NOT! Opportunity knocks loud for the Bust Half collector who enjoys strict HIGH END quality and beautiful colors.


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