50C 1831 PCGS MS65 0-118


  1. This is a great looking GEM Bust Half. We do rank it HIGH END. We were stopped in our tracks when going through a box. We see plenty of blah Bust Halves, but this coin was different. This coin has sizzle! 

The surfaces appear clean and smooth all over. Only when using a strong glass can you find a few minor ticks. No question the “skin” is totally original. We love the fact this 188 year old GEM still packs a powerful luster. Both sides are a totally original olive/pale blue/deep pewter color. This coin is NOT drab at all. Miss Liberty and the details are slightly frosty and are well struck. The eye appeal is fantastic!

PCGS 64, NGC 47, CAC 19. The last one to sell in auction brought $8,400.00 04/2019. The prices for nice Bust Halves have generally been $8,250.00-$9,500.00 in the past 2 years. We paid strong fro this coin because we really liked it. Look how the market is treating this 188 year old good looking GEM. No there are sneakers selling for more in auctions! Jefferson Nickels in the 60’s and even Roosevelt Dimes that sell for more then $10,000.00. We feel classic coins like this are tremendously overlooked. They will have their day again!