This is an exceptional high end piece. Unlike so many we have seen, this coin has total originality and real and gorgeous colors! You can not miss this coins gorgeous original shades of deep magenta/navy/olive/champagne colors that vividly swirl all over. You can clearly see the surfaces are super clean and have a smooth texture. The luster is as intense as you find on a booming Morgan Dollar. Miss Liberty and the details are lightly frosted and have bold full strikes. The eye appeal is phenomenal! PCGS 19, NGC 43, CAC 12. The last one to sell in auction brought $17,625.00 12/2015. Prior to that one brought $23,500.00 08/2013 (they had forever been int he $22-$25,000.00 price range). Here is yet another hard to find (especially with color like this ) Bust coin the market has put “on sale”. Once this coin is sold, we doubt you will be able to find any other wildly toned one-let alone one at this price!

SKU: 22416