What an amazing GEM! At first glance, this coin looks like a Proof. Besides that, the Pedigree alone proves this coin is special. Sleek and fully mirrored surfaces have NO distractions what so ever. Even using a strong glass you will find no thin lines or any disturbances. There is no question this coin is an early strike, not a proof as visible by some softness on the eagles talons. Overall, Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck and have generous frost. Both sides enjoy a wonderful mix of totally original champagne/gold/blue/green colors that swirl evenly all over. The eye appeal is jaw dropping! PCGS 2, NGC 1, CAC 2. We had to buy this piece as last time it sold, it brought $32,200.00 in 08/2010 (which was also the last sale for ANY 1900 MS67). Now the new buyer will enjoy a true market and know this coin has huge potential for a price increase down the road. Plus, its a great coin!


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