50C 1906 PCGS PR67 CAMEO


For a date that never ever comes cameo-this coin is the VERY REAL deal! It almost looks like a cameo from the 1890’s! We admit, we had originally looked at this coin under a bad light and while being tired. We thought it was blah at the time. We heard other dealers talking highly about it, so we went back and look again. We don’t know why we were originally thinking so poorly of this coin-it is a beast! It is as black and white as ANY PR Barber Half we have seen. Thus, we knew we had to own it. Deep mirrors beam vividly from all over. They have amazing clarity, cleanliness, and of course a stunning reflection. The mirrors are not typical, they are ice like with a hint of watery roll. The flash from the mirrors is 99% BETTER than what we see on post 1900 pieces. There is NO toning anywhere. Miss Liberty and the details are not only fully struck, but they do have real thick and iridescent frost. The eye appeal is both tremendous and totally jaw dropping! ONLY 675 were minted. PCGS 3, NGC 2, CAC 3. There is only a PR67+ graded higher. If you are attempting to build a real Cameo SUPERB GEM Proof set, this coin is a MUST have. You are certainly NEVER going to see many offered.  In fact the last PCGS piece ever to appear in auction brought $14,950.00-way back in 02/2005 (translation: A decade ago)! THE IMAGE DOES NOT DO THIS COIN JUSTICE! 


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