50C 1915 PCGS PR66


We have always been huge fans of this date in Proof. Any time we find a nice coin like this -we buy it! Can’t say we’ve bought many in the past year or so. This is a VERY high end coin. Surprisingly deep and really glittering mirrors beam from all over. Using a strong glass we found NO imperfections of ANY size, ANY where.The mirrors are also clear and have bold reflectivity. If you twirl the coin, it looks like a river of liquid mercury flowing around. Both sides have an original color mix of lavender/gold/pale purple colors. This coin is NOT dark or drab at all.  Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and are fully struck. The eye appeal really is pretty! ONLY 450 were ever minted. PCGS 18, NGC 18, CAC 5. Prior to this coin selling, the last auction record of a PR66 CAC selling was for $6,900.00 back in 08/2010! in between, NON CAC pieces were bringing $4-$4,700.00. Even if you do NOT collect PR Barbers, at the price you can buy this coin today, it makes sense just to put it away. It definitely a coin to dump your duplicates or tired coins for. We highly doubt you will have another opportunity to buy one of these so cheap-don’t think too long! WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE!

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