WOW! This piece is just a few microscopic ticks from full MS67 and a $40,000.00+ value! Overall, the surfaces do appear clean and sleek. A surprisingly strong luster illuminates the surfaces really nicely. Both sides are bathed in a beautiful light mix of lilac/silver/golden brown/pale green/pale blue colors that mostly accent the peripheries. There is a thin line of Mint grease on the obverse which does not detract. and blends in the toning. All of the details are very well struck. The eye appeal is fabulous! PCGS 38, NGC 57, CAC 10. PCGS has graded only seven MS66+. Have not seen any others for sale in a year. We assure you, less then half of them would not bean. The current Collectors Universe value is $16,500.00. When a really nice piece like this appears, what the lower end coins brought are meaningless! The last PCGS CAC MS67 to sell brought $37,600.00. Relative to the next grade up, these are certainly NOT overpriced. This piece offered here is priced to sell and will be a tremendous addition to ANY SUPERB GEM Commem set!


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