50C 1923S PCGS MS66 OGH


We actually tried for a few months to buy this coin for your customer. It is really a tremendous 1923S that is totally original and borders on real perfection! No one has studied this coin more then we have. We just can not find a single teeny imperfection anywhere. it is our strong opinion, the day this coin left the bank it had been carefully stored until certification began. A mellow and totally original mix of pale pewter/golden brown/deep silver colors swirl all over. Even the luster is surprisngly strong. NO question this coin has never been dipped or messed with. Miss Liberty and the details are are extremely well struck. You do NOT need a glass to see the skirt lines on the obverse. The eye appeal is superb! PCGS 6, NGC 5, CAC 6. This coin last sold in 12/15 in Legends Regency Auction for $25,850.00. Prior to that one coin brought $28,200.00 10/2014 and another brought $39,650.00 11/2013. Even in MS65 these are very close to $20,000.00 coins. Regardless, these are simply not available. If you seek a totally original piece, this is your coin!


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