Legend is no first timer to beautifully toned commems. We have handled as many as anyone! This coin immediately caught our eye when we first saw it. Besides the remarkably quality, it has dazzling pretty colors. No question this coin was carefully saved since the day it left the Mint. The surfaces are totally perfect. Even using a strong glass you will still shake your head as to how clean they are. A bold luster enhances the totally original envelope  toning (that’s the way they came). Beautiful rings of gold/pale green/purple frame the peripheries and open into light gold centers. All of the details are well struck. The eye appeal is fabulous! PCGS 8, NGC 7, CAC  12(we’re sure there are dupes here).   This piece last sold for $11,162.00 in 09/2015. The piece that sold for $8,108.00 in 01/2016 was not nearly as nice-and had NO color (which makes a huge difference). Right now we are not building any world class Commem sets. If we were, we WOULD very much include this GEM.    


SKU: 23720