We LOVE matched original sets of anything.  When ever we can buy the last dates in a year run like this-if the sets are true matched and are nice, we don’t let them slip away. Every coin in this set is pristine. Looks like they went from the Mint to a very stable good home. We found NO real problems anywhere, on ANY coin. The surfaces are pretty much satiny smooth. A moderate luster (which is as good as you get for the date) helps show off light original golden brown toning. These are NOT dull or drab coins. Every detail on each coin is fully struck. The eye appeal of the sets is great! ONLY 2100 sets at most were ever minted. We believe this is the highest graded MATCHED ORIGINAL SET that exists. There are NO records to disprove that. We strongly feel this set should be $10,000.00+. As we all know Commems have been spanked pretty hard the past few years. Opportunity knocks so loud here!


SKU: 24245