50C 1943D PCGS MS66


McCLAREN COLLECTION. Whats the big deal about a killer 43D? Hard to believe this, but it took us a month to build an ALL CAC MS65 Short set which sold instantly off our web site a few weeks ago. We have since been building TWO more short sets, one NON CAC, the other CAC. The one coin we can not find for each-a PCGS MS65 1943D! This does not mean it is rarer, but since this was one of two 43D’s in MS66 we had, and since it was a killer, we decided to post it.

SUPER HIGH END QUALITY. Both sides are blast snowy white and are remarkably clean. MS67’s don’t come as clean. Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck and of course you do not need a glass to see the tiniest of details. The eye appeal is fabulous!

PCGS 1421, NGC 1288, CAC 26.

FYI, we will sell the CAC short set for $4,950.00 and promise to include a CAC white 43D PCGS MS65 piece (we think we have found one that will CAC). The NON CAC short set will sell for $4,550.00 with a 43D.

Opportunity knocks loud here all around!


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