50C 1945S NGC MS65


McCLAREN COLLECTION. Do not wait for the image (sorry, we won’t hold this coin for the image either)! The first lucky caller owns one heck of a colored 45S.

Ultra high end quality. Only some old cuts on Liberty’s leg keep this coin from MS66+. Overall, the surfaces are smooth, are amazingly clean, and have a super strong luster. A mind boggling light to medium circular mix of navy/violet/blue/gold frames the peripheries on both sides. You do NOT have to tilt the coin to see the color. Miss Liberty and the details are exceptionally struck. The eye appeal is stunning!

This coin is right below monster status-being only at the WOW level. The colors are clear and you do not have to tilt the coins to see them.

This coin was graded long ago and still in its NGC “fatty” older.

We have listed this coin at our BEST price!


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