Coin of the week is an insult to this piece. Coin of the year at a very minimum is what it deserves. No kidding! On a scale of 1-10 for quality and eye appeal, this coin is an 11+++++! If you can create a perfect black and white cameo coin in your mind, this coin is what it would look like in person. The quality is all high end for sure! Deep mirrors boldly beam like search lights from all over; they are incredibly clean, clear, and are intensely reflective. If you twirl the coin the mirrors look like a freshly made sheet of ice. There are no spots or discolorations. Every detail is needle sharp in strike and has bold thick frost. The eye appeal is tremendous! ONLY 600 were ever minted. PCGS 3, NGC 2, CAC 4. This date should command respect as it is pretty much just as rare as its cousin the With Rays. It is critical to note, that prior to selling in our our 01/2017 sale for $20,563.00, it has not sold since way back in 2014-where a PCGS NO CAC piece sold for $29,375.00. A 66+ DC PCGS CAC piece did sell for $16,450.00 in 01/2017 (it was NOT as nice as this coin in terms of mirrors). The current Collectors Universe Value is $32,500.00. If you are seeking to build the ultimate Deep Cameo Nickel set, or just want a wicked cool coin, check this piece out! We can NOT imagine a finer coin then this. Seeing is believing. WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE THE IMAGE DOES NOT DO THIS COIN JUSTICE! THIS IS THE COIN ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THIS WEB SITE