This piece is nothing less then a full blown VERY HIGH END  MONSTER! It is an R-4 with 76-200 minted. This piece is the FINEST graded! Mega MONSTER mirrors knock out your eye balls out all over this crazy coin. The mirrors are also exceedingly clean, have the best clarity you can imagine, and are ridiculously reflective. Note: there are a few tiny and HIDDEN planchet issues on the reverse (they do NOT affect the grade). When  you twirl this coin will get lost in the mirrors. Miss Liberty and every detail are thickly frosted and have full strikes. The eye appeal is mind blowing! PCGS  3, NGC 0, CAC 3. This coin is the ONLY PR66+ DCameo graded-making it the FINEST. We strongly doubt any others are even close to this coins MONSTERS mirrors or eye appeal. It should be noted about value,  if this were a regular 5C 1868 PCGS PR66+ Dcameo CAC, it would easily be worth $10,000.00+. We do NOT think the price is abstract in any way. In fact, we strongly believe a coin like this is valued too cheap in today’s market. WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE


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