5C 1875 PCGS MS66


NEAT! We can’t say we see undipped really nice pieces like this often at all anymore. Only with a very strong glass can you find a tiny tick or two. There are a few interesting small die breaks visible. The texture is slightly satiny/slightly matte like. A strong luster shows off totally original nickel/pale rose/gold color. All of the details are well struck. Remember, this is a 140 year old coin! The eye appeal is wonderful. PCGS 13, NGC 6, CAC 4. PCGS has only 3 higher-ALL MS66+. The last PCGS MS66 CAC to sell in auction brought $4,112.50 07/2014.  ALL Shield 5C-especially MS have been harshly spanked by the market in the last few year. This coin represents tremendous opportunity. If you want something different and challenging-assemble an MS set of Shield Nickels-it can be done! WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE!


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