There are more slight problems with the holder than the coin. This is a “no brainer” good looking  GEM! Sleek and glass like mirrors are very clean, clear, and have strong reflectiviton. There is a faint shade of golden brown, and there are no spots. We do not think this coin has ever been appear to have been dipped. Every detail is pinpoint sharp and has frost. The eye appeal is excellent! This is a PROOF ONLY DATE with just 510 pieces minted. PCGS 50, NGC 39, CAC 13. The last 1877 auctioned, a PCGS NON CAC coin sold for $4,140.00 09/2011 Goldberg. Even a PCGS NO CAC  piece sold for $3,290.00 in 01/2017. These are NOT as easy to find as you think. A GEM Proof Shield Nickel set can be completed and is some what affordable. We say go for it! WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE


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