This coin is the silent stopper of the series. Every set we have ever done-even NON Cameo, an 1879 was the last coin we always needed. We have tremendous respect for this date and grade. We bought his coin because it has outstanding SUPER HIGH END quality too. Deep and almost ULTRA deep mirrors blaze brighter then the sun! The mirrors are super clean and are crystal clear. Their reflective is so bright you need sun glasses to view this coin with. The contrast is almost 3-D in boldness. Every detail is thickly frosted and has a tremendous strike. The eye appeal is so crazy strong this coin looks like a medal! PCGS 6, NGC 10, CAC 6. Pay attention to this stat: the last time one of these sold in auction: 2003! IS that a powerful statement for its rarity? It took us a nano second to buy this remarkably stunning GEM. If you are building a set,  it is a MUST have. Or if you buy neat coins, its still a “must have”.  30+ years and only 6 graded? That is NOTHING!!!! WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE


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