This coin is so insanely cameoed and mirrored it might be worth more RAW! We have never seen another 1903 like it. Plus, the quality is SUPER high end! Seriously deep-really ULTRA deep mirrors seem endless. They are crystal clear, super clean (there are some teenie toning dots), and have nearly blinding intense reflectivity! Miss Liberty and the details are needle sharp in strike and have thick creamy white frost. The eye appeal is a “killer” black and white that will make you jaw drop! PCGS 12, NGC 14, CAC 16. The current Collectors Universe Value is $3,100.00. This coin is not even on the same planet as an average moderate contrast coin. One look and you will never put it away. The mirrors really are like a flash of lightening! WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE!


SKU: 21160