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5C 1912-S PCGS MS66


Item# 52036

This coin is the REAL deal.  Everything about it is unquestionable SUPERB GEM BU. This coin has NO peers!

Remarkable surfaces are virtually perfect. They are satiny smooth all over. The luster is strong and you can even see faint hints of semi-prooflike mirrors. A completely original mix of beautiful lilac/rose/gold colors swirls all over. The colors are gorgeous and there are NO spots. Miss Liberty and the details are pinpoint sharp in strike.

PCGS 35, NGC 5, CAC 2. This was the last 12S MS66 CAC to sell in auction. It brought $14,687.00 01/2015.  Prior to that, the last PCGS MS66 CAC that sold in auction Legend paid $32,900.00 and it is now a MS66+ and is housed in major collection. There is NO reason for this coin to be worth any less then what we are asking. BOTH CAC coins seriously rise above the rest that are graded. For this date, it seems a commercial grading system was used overall. A hoard broke about 2 years ago and thus there were many regrades. You do NOT have to worry about more being made-especially CAC, the regrade cycle seems to be over. If there were to be more TRUE quality pieces, CAC would not have beaned just 2 over its history! As time goes on, this piece will only grow in value.

FACT: Heritage once had 4 in a FUN Sale at the same and sent prices from $30,000.00 to UNDER $10,000.00 back at the 2016 FUN Show. Non CAC pieces have never recovered.   Once its sold-you will NOT find another 12S with superior quality like this. 30+ years have PROVEN that. If another PCGS CAC piece ever got made, Legend would happily buy that one too. Until then, this is the ONLY MS66 CAC 12S that you can get! Opportunity could not knock any louder!


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