Hard to believe but this monster of a coin is a duplicate from the greatest Buffalo Nickel Collection ever (and we mean EVER). The quality just could not be any better! We see no reason why PCGS did not + this coin (NO promises).

Pristine surfaces look exactly how they did two seconds after this coin was minted. There is not even a microscopic imperfection anywhere. A powerful glowing luster beams boldly from ll over. Gentle colors of original gold/lilac/nickel swirl all over. An intense luster makes the coin visible from across the room. Dramatic moderate shades of lilac/pale reddish gold/nickel swirl all over. Every detail is pinpoint sharp in strike. The eye appeal is incredible!

PCGS 16, NGC 15, CAC 7. None are graded higher. The last PCGS CAC PR68 1914 to sell in auction brought $32,900.00. It is critical to note this coin has been away for well over a decade in the Forsythe Collection.

No question this coin will greatly enhance any SUPERB GEM Proof Buffalo Collection. We do consider this piece to be one of the finest that exists!

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