Shazzam! This is a magical coin sent from heaven. It even provides its own electricity! The quality is SUPER high end as well. Sensational surfaces are the ultimate in perfection. Besides having a luxurious satiny texture, they are exploding with a booming luster. A heart pounding mix of totally original moderate ice blue/bold gold/pale purple colors vividly swirl all over. There are NO spots or stains anywhere. Every detail is sharply struck and does standout. The eye appeal is really breathtaking! PCGS 43, NGC 31, CAC 15. Even NON CAC pieces have been trading back up in the $7-$7,500.00 range. Remember, this coin is high end and is boldly colorful! It is not every day when you can find one of these like this. For sure, this coin will be stunning star in ANY collection it calls home!  


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