If we were building a Northern Lights set for Buffaloes-this coin would be a star in it (Northern Lights was one of the greatest toned Morgan sets ever built)! It has head spinning MONSTER original colors. This coin is more then worthy of its lofty MS68 designation as well!

100% FLAWLESS surfaces are a delight to see. The surfaces are the stunning colors really pop because of a super strong glowing luster. Mother Nature blessed both sides with a eye popping  iridescent mix of gold/violet/blue/pale green colors. All of the details are fully struck. The eye appeal is awesome and then some! 

There is no question this coin left the bank and sat undisturbed for at least 82 years! 

PCGS 39, NGC 48, CAC 7. This coin has few peers. We were able to buy this coin with little
premium for the color. Before this coin sold, the last auction for an MS68 brought $8,225.00
05/2019. Opportunity knocks loud here!

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