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G $1 1854 TY II PCGS MS66


Item# 4429

We have owned two of the 1855’s in PCGS MS67 (PCGS POP 4), and even though these are different dates, we can tell you this coin is every bit as good as those. We do not think in today’s tougher environment this coin would grade MS67 if cracked.

Both sides have an incredible full booming luster. The surfaces are are perfect safe for a few tiny frost break and die clashes. This coin does have numerous MINT MADE die clashes (which is when the opposite side is struck through). Generally, die clashes do NOT effect a coins grade, however we are suspect if they graded this coin an MS66 because of them. There are NO discolorations or spots. the colors are a killer mix of orange/yellow gold colors. Miss Liberty and the details are frosted and have needle sharp strikes. This coin is unquestionably ULTRA HIGH END! The eye appeal is incredible. Most important, it has NOT been messed with.

PCGS 10, NGC 8, CAC 3. The last PCGS MS66 to sell in major public auction sold for $63,250.00 04/09. Prior to that one sold for $66,125.00 02/08 Superior. Only TWO MS67’s have been graded by PCGS for the date. One last sold back in 2003 for $92,000.00! Also, this coin is housed in an older green tag holder.

If you are building a world class Gold Dollar set, or a world class Type set, this coin WILL be a perfect fit!


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