1/2C-$1 1857 PR SET PCGS PR64-PR65



The Buckeye II Collection consists of a number of HIGH END proof sets that have been off the market for many years.

With the nine coins that make up this impressive CHOICE to GEM Proof 1857 set lined up, you can clearly see that this set has been stored together for ages, allowing them to acquire very similar shades of toning and in very similar patterns. The eye appeal of the individual coins is high end overall for the assigned grade. Historically important as the final year that half cents and large cents, the first two denominations authorized by the Coinage Act of 1792 to be struck in quantity were to be struck. The end of an era helped usher in a broad based interest in American numismatics. Each coin in this set is incredibly RARE, with tiny mintages ranging from an estimated 50-100 for the silver issues, to a high of 485 for the Flying Eagle cent. The silver issues were sold as a set, the half cent and large cent sold as a set, and the Flying Eagle, as a newly issued type, sold on its own.

The overall quality of this set is super!

1/2C 1857 PCGS PR64 RB.  Robust reflection in the fields bring out vividly the gorgeous iridescent blues, golds, and mahogany tones on both sides.
PCGS 8, NGC 6. The current PCGS Price Guide value is listed at $6,850 and the most recent example sold ages ago in November 2004!

1C 1857 SMALL DATE PR64+ RB CAC. This is a Large Cent. Bold red copper surfaces have a dusting of violet and brown over the highly reflective CHOICE surfaces. Razor sharp in strike this is a beautiful example of the final large cent issue.
PCGS 14, NGC 2, CAC 5. There are 3 in PR64+ RB, none have sold in auction. The last PCGS PR64 RB (not CAC) sold for $10,575 in January 2014 and the current PCGS Price Guide value is $10,500.

1C 1857 FLYING EAGLE PCGS PR64.  Beautifully preserved surfaces have a bold, essentially GEM caliber visual allure, especially on the obverse. Soft iridescent toning on both sides. Sharply struck devices stand out against reflective mirrored fields. PCGS 22, NGC 16. The most recent example without CAC approval sold for $9,600 in May 2019 and the current PCGS Price Guide value is listed at $11,000. 3CS 1857 PCGS PR65 CAC. Intensely reflective mirrored fields stand out with a vivid brilliance. Steely blue toned surfaces sparkle in the light.
PCGS 9, NGC 14, CAC 9. The current PCGS Price Guide value is listed at $11,500 and the most recent example brought $7,200 in the 2019 ANA auction.

H10C 1857 PCGS PR65 CAC.  Totally original, dappled blue, amber, rose, and brilliant silver tones are brought out boldly by the intense, watery mirrored fields. The eye appeal is very high end.
PCGS 5, NGC 6, CAC 5. Another coin that rarely appears in auction the most recent APR is from November 2012, where one sold for $4,888. The current PCGS Price Guide value is listed at $4,000. 10C 1857 PCGS PR63 CAC. A handsome, CHOICE Proof with wonderful peripheral toning.

10C 1857 PCGS PR63 CAC.  Marvelous toning.
PCGS 11, NGC 4, CAC 1. The most recent PR63 (not CAC) example sold almost a decade ago, realizing $2,185 in August 2011. The current PCGS Price Guide value is listed at $3,100.

25C 1857 PCGS PR64+ CAC.  Dappled dove-blue and lilac-hued patina is draped over the reflective surfaces. Sharply struck up, the eye appeal is exceptional.
PCGS 10, NGC 13, CAC 5. A pop one for +, the most recent non + example sold in July 2019 for $3,973 and the current PCGS price Guide value is listed at $6,500.

50C 1857 PCGS PR64.  Richly and thickly toned on both sides. Violet and teal hues mingle with amber-gold and tangerine-orange, the varied hues are brought out by the bold reflection in the fields. The eye appeal is wonderful.
PCGS 14, NGC 11. The current PCGS Price Guide value is listed at $11,000 and the most recent example to sell was CAC approved, realizing $10,281 in our December 2019 Regency Auction.

$1 1857 PCGS PR65 CAC.  The highlight of this set, another richly and deeply toned GEM. RARE in this lofty state of preservation, the fields are clean, clear, and boldly reflective. The devices are sharply struck up and have a great look.
PCGS 3, NGC 2, CAC 3. The most recent example to sell brought $20,536 in January 2017 (and was NOT CAC) and the Collectors Universe value is $35,000. This is another set, that even if you searched through every single Proof 1857 coin, could likely not be replicated!

The combined Collectors Universe values is $97,900. We hope that this original set is not picked apart and split up. The number of original sets that survive for collectors is minuscule!

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