When it come to grading coins like this, PCGS can be too cautious some times. They certainly showed NO mercy on this piece. We do consider it a MONSTER MS64+! This coin is struck on a pretty much problem free planchet. There is one tiny area around  the face of something (we can not figure out what it is). A light planchet mark is also hidden on the cheek. Save for those microscopic issues, this coin would easily be an MS65 . There is a slight luster to be seen (this coin has not been brushed or messed with in any way). Both sides enjoy a full, rich, original, and even deeper chocolate brown color. Miss Liberty and every detail are amazingly struck. We actually put this coin on our desks every day because it is so neat. The eye appeal is remarkable! PCGS 2, NGC 0, CAC 1. This is the ONLY MS64+ graded. The only coin higher is the mind boggling MS66 BN we bought for $299,000.00 01/2014. There re no accurate price guides for a coin like this. clearly a 221 year old obsolete coin like this in such an insane top condition should easily be a six figure coin. This coin is also fresh to the market. Once this is sold, there is nothing even close.