Yes, the “secret” copper weenie in us comes out big time on this coin. If we could, we’d keep it for ourselves. It is that HIGH END. We cannot imagine where this coin hung out for 218 years and remained in such a pristine condition. Its mind boggling! Struck on a problem free planchet, this coin has really nice surfaces. Even using a strong glass there re not many tiny ticks to find at all. We’re not sure what PCGS saw to keep it an MS63+. The originality of this coin is beyond amazing. No question this coin has never been messed with. A moderate luster actually can be seen (vs imagining it exists). Both sides show at least 15% GEM faded Mint red color. The balance of the surfaces are a GEM chocolate brown. Miss Liberty and the details have remarkable strikes and do stand out. The eye appeal is phenomenal! PCGS 9, NGC 15, CAC 3. PCGS has graded 2 in MS63+ BN. In MS64BN  and higher there are NO CAC beaned pieces. We can’t imagine that this coin is not to equal to ant non beaned MS64. It is a WOW coin for sure. Legend Numismatics has been the undisputed top buyer of all choice/GEM copper in auction of the last 3-4 years. We can tell you, save for an MS64 RB (which brought $30,000.00 and was PCGS CAC), we have only seen an MS63RD PCGS CAC (Sold for $20,400.00)  that we have liked for the date. We are especially picky on our copper. We love this coin. You will too unless what you expect is grossly unrealistic. This amazing piece belongs in ANY choice collection! WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE