B-2, the “first restrike” which is considered Low Rarity-6, with perhaps 20-30 known in all grades. This REMARKABLE GEM is one of the FINEST known examples and it has an amazing look.

The 1831 half cent is a MAJOR rarity! Of the business strikes, perhaps 20-30 examples are known in all grades. Original Proofs also exist, about 20 known. Two series of restrikes were produced for collectors, using the 1831 die, matched with an 1836 reverse and one matched with an 1840 reverse. All of these are VERY RARE today, and avidly sought by collectors.

Rich beaming, chocolate brown mirrored fields are solid and hard. The fields have the epitome of early copper Proof flash, are icy sleek and essentially flawless. A soft teal-blue overtone with traces of original red copper cling to the protected areas, further enhancing the outstanding SUPERB eye appeal. Every detail is razor sharp in definition on both sides, the reverse has a broad, bisecting die break, characteristic of the first restrikes.

Approximately 30 were originally minted. PCGS 2, NGC 2, CAC 2. The prior example to sell in auction was the Missouri Cabinet coin, reselling in the 2016 ANA auction for $25,850, which realized $28,750 in the original Missouri Cabinet sale. This coin last sold in the 2014 ANA auction for $30,550. The current Collector’s Universe value is listed at $35,000. Note, we sold the Showers-DuPont-Missouri Collection coin, PCGS PR65 BN CAC for $28,200 in our September 2015 Regency Auction.

This is an exceptionally RARE Proof half cent (which has the same mintage as a few classic rarities) and worthy of the FINEST collection of early copper Proofs-or low mintage GEM coins.