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Item# 50278

This coin in our opinion is VERY HIGH END! We also think its one of the neatest PR Half Cents from the Missouri Cabinet Sale.

Surprisingly shimmering, strong, crystal clear, clean, and highly reflective mirrors beam from all over. We looked hard for any real imperfections-and found NONE! This is NOT your typical shallow barely mirrors Half Cent Proof. The colors are totally ORIGINAL and include chocolate brown/faded blue/gold that swirl all over. Miss Liberty and the details are needle sharp in strike and have light frost. The eye appeal is superb in every respect! Here is a partial description from Goldberg Catalog: “Light brown with iridescent rose and blue steel overtones plus faded mint red in protected areas of the reverse. The fields are nicely reflective with moderately deep mirrors on both sides. Kept from gem status by a tiny spot of planchet impurity struck into the field left of star 11 and a microscopic chip on the coronet over the I in LIBERTY. As a point of interest, the 8 in the date on all the Small Date Proofs is weaker than the other three digits. The weakness appears to have been caused by a clog in the die that went uncorrected during its use on both the Originals and First Restrikes.”

ONLY 12 coins were ever minted. That’s as rare as ANY major classic rarity! PCGS 2, NGC 1, CAC 2. The other PCGS CAC piece was also in the auction and it brought $48,300.00. Until now, NO 1849’s have sold at auction (while you have had 5 1913 5C, a few 1804 $1, and several 1838O halves sell in the past 3 years)! We KNOW this coin is grossly UNDERvalued. You can’t put a price on coins that simply never trade. We think ANY PR 65 or better ORIGINAL should be $100,000.00 The other PR65BN is now impounded in major collection. Opportunity knocks loud here!

Have duplicates or stuff laying around? Trade them towards this extreme rarity-great long term potential here.


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