Unbelievable everything here. For the life of us, we do not understand why PCGS will not + this coin. We have sent it in 3 times. We unhesitatingly proclaim this coin to be the best MS64 we ever ever seen-and we have handled this date up through 3 MS67’s!

Superior surfaces have zero impairments. When using a strong glass all you can see are some die clashing marks-which are Mint made. An intense “glossy” luster beams boldly from all over. Both sides are a gorgeous original steel blue color. The obverse has one of the best strikes we have ever seen. Every star is full and you do not need a glass to see anything. Even the rim is struck up in a wire fashion. We think its the reverse that keeps this coin from a MS65++ designation. Its clear to us there was some weak striking pressure so all the eagles feathers do not show. Do not-you can see feathers. This is NOT a flat reverse strike. We still grade the coin a full GEM. The eye appeal is incredible!

PCGS 24, NGC 33, CAC 11. The last PCGS CAC 1795 H.10 to sell in auction brought $28,200.00 11/2018. That coin was nice, butt his coin blows away all other MS64’s!  Seeing is believing!

We can’t see this coin not being a superstar in any collection-or even a box of 20! It looks 10x better than a few MS65’s we have seen.


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