We are pleased to own and offer this remarkable ULTRA high end GEM. At one time it was an NGC PR67 CA. For CAC to GOLD sticker it, you know not only is it SUPER HIGH END, but that the coin is special. Ultra deep mirrors beam like a solar flare all over. We rarely have ever seen mirrors on any 1856 coin so dramatic. The mirrors have amazing clarity and have nearly blinding reflection. Seeing is believing (and blinding)! There are some Mint made dies lines, but overall, the mirrors are super clean. A very light hint of ORIGINAL lilac toning covers parts of both sides.   We bought it from a deal where it had been w/the same family since it left the Mint! It came out of the middle of a cellophane wrapper. Miss Liberty and the details are pinpoint sharp in strike and have thick frost. The eye appeal is spectacular! LESS THEN 40 we believed to be minted. PCGS 3, NGC 0, CAC 2. A PCGS NON CAC piece that was dark and no where near this coins quality sold for $10,575.00 01/2016. We know the price we are asking for this piece is more then fair. A coin like this could sell for crazy money in auction. We want to place it and keep it close to us.  


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