H.10 1862 PCGS PR66 CAMEO


This coin is a VERY high end piece. Sparkling mirrors beam boldly from all over. The mirrors are incredibly clean and have amazing clarity. When you twirl the coin the mirrors roll like liquid mercury. The contrast is strong. There is a slight hint of original faint gold toning all over. This is still a white coin. Miss Liberty and the details are needle sharp in strike and have extra thick white frost. The eye appeal is remarkable! ONLY 550 minted. PCGS 6, NGC 7, CAC 4. The last PCGS CAC to sell in auction brought $3,105.00 -in 2011!  HELLO EVERYONE-2011! That is 7 long years ago. We think a coin like this deserves to be worth $5,000.00 minimum. Look what you have: an obsolete denomination, a VERY high end coin, a Civil War time coin need we say any more? Here too, prices are just too cheap on a great coin like this. WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE