This is one of the 3 MS Seated Half Dimes we purchased way back in the early 90’s to start the Law Collection of Half Dimes which to this day is the foundation for the #1 all time Law/Simpson set. This is one of the VERY BEST Half Dimes we have ever seen! Save a few a few very minor and nearly invisible pricks, this coin could be a MS69. Overall the surfaces are ultra sleek and clean. You can see some light Mint made die polishing lines as the surfaces turn boldly semi-prooflike. The luster is full headlight strength. Both sides are a pure frosty white. Miss Liberty and the details are frosted and have incredible full strikes. The eye appeal is totally MONSTROUS! PCGS 4, NGC 5, CAC 2. We just paid $10,281.00 out of our last Legend Regency sale because we could not this old friend go. Prior to that NO PCGS CAC has ever sold at auction. It deserves the VERY best home! Sadly, we can’t keep everything we buy, and we must offer this outrageous GEM for sale.


SKU: 22047