This is an R-5 Pattern (31-75 minted). These big beautiful Flying Eagle Patterns are really something special to see. This coin is HIGH END and really exceptional! Surprising deep mirrors beam from all over. They have great clarity and are fully reflective. There are some tiny contact ticks scattered around-but they may be on the planchet. Also, if you sue a glass you can clearly see Mint made die clashing and fun things. Both sides are about 80% GEM MINT RED with a hint of brown/pale blue. The eagle and all of the details are frosty and have sharp stand out strikes. The eye appeal is super! PCGS 4, NGC 0, CAC 1. There have been only 5 auction appearances we could find since 1993 for any J-167. ALL published pricing is in correct. These should easily be worth far more then a what regular 1855 1C PR 65 RB (about $12,500.00) as 100 of those were minted,. If you love FE or PR Large Cents, this is a great specimen to include in your collection!


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