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Item# 4490

Very High End! These can come dull or with little mirrors. This coin is far superior to those (of course). Also, this is a R-4 (76-200 pieces minted).

These big Flying Eagle Patterns are as popular as they are beautiful. So when we see one that has real mirrors, we buy it! Both sides have full reflective mirrors. Even with a strong glass all you can see are some minor die clashes. These are NO spots. The color is a faded mint RB with some lighter brown. All if the details are needle sharp in strike and do appear frosty. The eye appeal is fabulous-and that’s even if you don’t love FE’s!

PCGS 16, NGC 7, CAC 2. We know this piece is a great value. The last one to sell in major public auction brought $4,312.00 2006 Heritage. So do not let the pops fool you-these are not just lying around to be purchased! Opportunity knocks as loud as ever for anyone who loves FE’s or patterns.

NOTE: these are listed at $3,500.00 in the NEW JUDD Book in PR63 and in PR65 at $8,000.00.00.


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