R-7+ 4-6 Minted. Stuck in aluminum with a reeded edge. What an amazing SUPERB GEM! Clearly the FINEST extant examples of this VERY RARE Judd number.

Deep and watery like mirrors beam from all over. The mirrors have no oxidation. There is a small area of roughness in planchet in the obverse right field (mint made). Overall, the mirrors are exceedingly clean and look like glass. Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck and have thick frost. The eye appeal is excellent!

PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. This is the FINEST J-916 known. In fact, overall in ANY Aluminum Pattern design there are very few PR67’s. Mr. Simpson paid $15,000 for this coin in 2008 mega Pattern deal. Opportunity knock loud here! Do not be afraid of the value here. If this were a regular 25C 1870 in PCGS PR67 Cameo CAC, it would easily cost you $10,000.00+ to buy the only graded piece. Patterns are grossly cheap right now. Opportunity knocks louder then ever here!

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