Recently we have seen an increase of people who will not buy a coin if they know it was bumped up to a +. In my mind, that is ridiculous. Why? So long as the coin warrants it, the coin probably was VERY HIGH END to begin with. There is an even higher probably the coin cost the same as with a +.  

In Legend’s HIGH END world, we seek out + coins to sell. We want the top 5% for the grade when possible. Sometimes the coins will have +, and some times they won’t. We will pay what it takes to buy a really HIGH END coin. Maybe we paid 40%, even 60% above regular grade money because of the quality. Then we get the coin to +. Its just a confirmation of what the coin really is. 

Its frustrating some people will buy a very expensive NON +, before they would buy a more relative priced +. 

The key here is strictly about the quality. I can say 100% we know what a HIGH END coin should be. So our + are the real deal. 

The right approach is to look at the coin in hand. Evaluate it for what it is as you hold it. Do NOT get swayed if you have information the coin was a NON + prior. Again, in most cases the + is a confirmation of the coin being HIGH END. 

Of course not every + is correct (we will not go into that here). It is our job to make sure you buy the correct HIGH END + coins.