Its been about 2 years now I seriously wanted to semi retire. There has always been something coming up for it not to happen. My health is not getting better, but something just tugs at me. My love-addiction for this hobby maybe way too great for me to ever walk away. I have tried. I will die at my desk.

The good news, I am forcing myself to take vacations (3x to HI after every Long Beach now) and I have some better medical advisers working with me, as well as finally being on better meds. I doubt this is the answer as I still get tired quick and drained more easily. I am trying to sort out still a better way to run both Legend Numismatics and Legend Auctions. I’ll get the situations figured out-I have too.

I’m not greedy, but how can I stop when my businesses are either at their peak (Legend Numismatics) or growing (Legend Auctions)? I have a great team in place at the auctions, but until they are a little more experienced, I will still over see accepting every coin for sale and the marketing (which is what I do enjoy doing). Legend Numismatics, is just me, George, and Jose. We have well over a thousand customers-many who deal exclusively with us. They do keep me busy-very busy. I feel a responsibility to keep working for many of them.

I also can’t quit fighting against the coin coin docs and the other bad issues that plague the hobby. I feel alone standing up to the greedy citizens, but I do so out of that deep love for the hobby. I wish some of these dealers who do nothing but crack outs or mess with coins could be there when I have to help the collectors who were screwed by their handy work. Its the most painful part of my job today. I get extremely worked up about stuff like this.

Also, the past 2 years, I have been inflamed about my work of the past being thrown aside because of today’s ego driven collectors who are clueless. I for sure will die protecting my legacy. I stand by the fact I have built many of today’s GREATEST COLLECTIONS EVER. I have placed more great coins than any current dealer. Yet, people like to create inaccuracies and the public believes them.

Do I still wake up loving coins? I did no think so for a while, but the answer must be yes. I just bought the Simpson 1C 1943 Copper PCGS AU55 CAC because the coin still gives me chills down my spin. I still get a thrill building a great collection for collectors-because its something I can’t afford to do. In the end, its partially my dream being fufilled. While fugly coins do not excite me, show me a wildly toned coin of any value and I’m in love. Sadly I see too many marginal coins so I do not get thrilled too often any more. I get mad when I hear the word gradeflation. One thing I do find myself doing in tough times-I think about a H.10 1869 PCGS PR65 I keep in my desk. It was the first coin I ever bought as a dealer. That was back in 1977! I take a deep breath and smile.

Sorry to ramble. I was sitting here in my hotel at LAX thinking.  Many people have made many supportive comments to me over the past year. I thank everyone. I just came from doing a deal in SF area and now I have to do the Goldberg sale tomorrow. It just does not end (although I do admit the deal has made me and GH feel like kids in a candy store again). With 2.5 million white knuckle air miles, I have had enough of travel. At least for Long Beach, I have discovered an offset (this HI trip is to Kona).  However, you might not see me at every show in the future (summer Baltimore, maybe a PCGS Invitational).

End result, I’m still in the game. Just a bit slowed. I’m 60 now. I have given up targeting when or if I would really retire. Who knows, it could happen tomorrow, but its unlikely. I am a real coin addict if there ever was one……..