THE SALE OF THE 1794 $1 FOR $12,000,000.00

This coin was the star of the amazing collection of Bust Dollars Bruce had built over the years. Due to some bad timing, the dollars were sold off a year ago. Now Bruce only has some much smaller coins he is building a small collection around (sorry cannot say what).

Bruce felt the timing was right to sell the 1794 and had other opportunities outside of coins. In the end, the market felt it is clearly the second most valuable coin that exists. It was more than deserving of that value. I am very sad to see it go.


Most people do not realize how many classic rarities Bruce has owned.

Classic rarities:

1C 1793 SP 65 BN -possibly the first US coin ever struck

2 1913 5C 64, 66

25C 1796 66

10C 1894S 65

3 1884 TD   64, 65, 66

2 1885 TD  62, 66

50C 1838-O 64 CAMEO

50C 1797 PCGS MS65+

20C 1876-CC PR64

25C 1827 ORIGINAL PR65

That is an incredible group to be sure!

He has also built 3 of the greatest #1 collections ever:

Bust Dollars 1794-1804 He owned the Dexter 1804

Liberty Seated MS 1840-1873CC The finest 1851, 1852 and 1870S (all top 100 coins included) (A set he owned 2x)!

Trade Dollars MS 1873-1878-CC, This is now the Black Cat Collection.

These collections will NEVER be bettered.


Bruce had been a customer of ours seeking MS Trade Dollars back in 1996-1997. He came to a show and bought a 73CC in MS63. I think that was our first deal.

I guess we had talked a lot about coins. He has the most intense drive and passion I have EVER seen in ANY collector-EVER! He also has a nearly encyclopedic memory for any coin he wants to know about or collect. He relied on me for the grading.

Back in 1997, at the time I needed money. I was chronically overspent and always was broke. After chatting at a Long Beach Show dinner (where I had a lobster one claw short). Bruce agreed to become my partner and invest $100,000.00. I saw it a saving grace to me, yet Bruce had the foresight to see it as his ticket to every major rarity he ever wanted to buy.

For the next 25 years, we bought and sold every major classic rarity. His timing was impeccable. The last rarity we bought was last year, the 10C 1894-S PCGS PR65 (we feel the best looking one). Now, they are all sold-with him earning sizable profits along the way.

I must mention the big one that got away. I forgot what year it was. We were offered the $10 1804 PCGS PR65 Cameo-the one I eventually bought for Simpson. It was to us at $550,000.00. OMG. At the time we were stupid skittish for what ever dumb reason in our brains (probably mine) and we passed. Bruce tried to buy it in the Simpson Sale. It will be forever the biggest error he made and the coin that got away.

Today he is still a partner in both Legend and Legend Rare Coin Auctions.

Out of all the people whom I have worked with, Bruce was special. He allowed me to share in his journey of handing coins I only dreamed about. I doubt there will ever be another collector like him. Most of todays collectors just do not have the loyalty he did. He was from a different time.

Bruce, I am forever grateful!