Coming off 2020 I wondered if Legend and I had any future.  I really was thinking of retirement. But at the very end of 2020 in December no less, bigger five figure coin after five figure coins started selling. Come January, we did our usual huge buy from the FUN sale and we were off to the races. Sitting here writing this December 18th, 2021 I am totally burnt out and exhausted yet I could not be more thrilled that Legend just had its second best year ever. Legend sold well north of $50,000,000.00! The bulk of the biz came AFTER ANA-at a time when I was happy to glide through the rest of the year. We still have deals stacked up going into FUN. AMAZING. I was around in 1980 and 1989. Its totally different and I have never seen anything like this. Its solid.

Until this dream ends, I will be here and so will George and Jose. The only thing is I have to curtail my travel. I certainly do not want to get nailed by Covid. This year we had two tables next to us loaded with it. I’m now told at this weeks past PCGS Show, several people who came from Dallas had it too. OMG were we lucky not to get it! As of today, we will all be at FUN.


I want to thank every one for the kind outpourings of good wishes etc. I am now on the list for a kidney-but the wait time is estimated at 5 years! I know I am universal blood type which will make it easier. Plus, they now trade to get one (if someone offering you is not compatable). To make the list you have to be 100% healthy-how about that? As many of you know, Mon, Wed, Fri are my session days where I am rendered unavailable. Then I have my good and bad sessions. From a bad session I can be down the next day. My life is miserable because of it and I can’t do much of what I used to-but I am hopeful someone will help me out here. I am able to work full time. I think its amazing what modern medicine can do!


I can’t say I know what the future holds for Legend. I would have thought I’d be sitting on a HI beach watching the waves crash by now. With activity so strong, we are going to keep doing what we have always done-buy the very BEST coins and deal with the BEST collectors.  We have picked up some very special NEW coin collectors. I like the new educated breed. Makes it so much easier. For sure they will keep us busy for quite awhile.  My only hope is that we can find the right coins. I’ll say this today, but it can change-retirement? What is that?

I will still keep up the fight against coin docs. They have ruined the game for so many people by their greed. There are a few other areas I am against too, unfortunately, I can not be public. Do know I am not like these other dealers who hide and won’t help (hello PNG).


Last for the record, Simpson had the most valuable and greatest US Collection ever as of 2020. A divorce forced him to sell a good portion. So far total sales are $77 million and this next batch will make his “fired” coins (as he would say) worth more then Pogue.

Several of the coins I sold him got upgraded. I was not a fan of this, but it happened. I have to make this statement because Legend does NOT sell over graded coins. I am VERY proud of the coins I sold him. Even the upgraded coins look friggen great.

Highlights of what he still has:

The gold AMAZONIAN Set-one of the most valuable numismatic items estimated worth $15 million

The #1 $10 PCGS Indian Set-his 20S is the PCGS MS67

The #1 $20 PCGS Saint Gaudens set-he has a 21 in MS65+ and a 27-D in MS66.

50C 1824 PCGS MS68

50C 1853 A/R PCGS MS67


SEVERAL proof Gold coins-including a run of PR66-67 $20 Libs

A double row box of CC PCGS MS67 DMPL’s!!!!

And the other patterns he still has-CRAZY!!!!!!!

I am heartbroken to see his coins sold off and the fact I had to involuntary sit on the sidelines. I also am not too happy Heritage decided to leave me out of the pedigrees when I sold Simpson EVERY SINGLE COIN-nice huh?  However, it was one of the greatest thrills of my career to work on his collection exclusively.!

Thank you for following my Hot Topics all these times and for helping build Legend into the powerhouse dealer it is. I want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday period.

You can always email me: lsperber1@hotmail.com.