I am going assume this is as good as I will get any time soon.

For those of you who followed my attempts at semi retirement, do know I am still trying! This is what a “light” schedule looks like for me for the next 3 weeks!

Sunday, have to price out about 200 coins from a deal and work on some auction business

Monday/Tue collector in town. Have major out of town dealer coming in Tue afternoon.

Wednesday, taking train to see customer (we’re too chicken to go via helicopter-really). All day excursion.

Thursday, flying to Florida. Long Day trip starting at 8 am and ending at 8 am.

Friday: put up NEWPS and go for a CT Scan. 4:30 sushi. 5:30 crash for the night!!!!!!

Saturday, write Market Report. 2 PM as we all know massage time!

Sunday Oct 13th-a rare day off! Will be at MetLife Stadium rooting for the Cowboys!

Monday, a ton of office work.

Tuesday/Wed A really long out of town trip. Plane leaves at 6 AM

Thursday, send coins off to secret seller and pack things for New Orleans.

Friday, put up Newps. 4:30 sushi. And crash like I do EVERY Friday night at 5:30….

Saturday, write Market Report. 2 PM as we all know massage time!

Sunday Oct 20th, writing up next weeks NEWPS.

Monday, pack for NO and do a ton of work in preparation.

Tuesday-Fri in New Orleans!  Cycle starts over Saturday!

This is what a typical semi-retired coin dealer does right? NOT!!!  I have not even mentioned the work I do for the auction company!

Next year WILL be different. These 2 weeks in October I was supposed to do very little and take it easy. A few calls changed that. George is exhausted too. I plan on not attending in person a PCGS show or two (the auctions run fine with out me) and probably the summer Baltimore Show. I force myself to do Long Beach and take a quick hop to HI from there. I stay a week.  I do not have passport, so HI is the best island I can get too. I do not like the Caribbean anyway (except for the Caymans).

The process has started (breaks a year). It will probably take me until I die to retire. UGH……I still LOVE. I struggle with what the business has become I have only been around since 1978. Back then coins were raw and you had to know how to grade! Many name dealers of today-DO NOT KNOW HOW GRADE A RAW COIN (I stand by that comment). That issue might be for another Hot Topics one day.

Sorry, if I bored anyone. Yeah, I am kinda handcuffed for now.