Legend is honored to know and share this incredible story of the winning bidder of the wild 10C 1942 PCGS PR68+ CAC from our Regency Auction 56 that sold for a record price of 20,562.50. This is one of the rare times a coin is worth far more then its cash value.

To understand what this is about read this first

Here is what a true American hero had to say:

 “I started collecting coins, and learning about them, when I was 9 years old, and for as long as I can remember the Mercury Dime has been my favorite–and for as long as I can remember I’ve carried one with me in my pocket, everywhere I go.”
Here’s the rough of how the Merc was directly responsible for the successful combat rescue of “Vega 31″….
Prior to engaging in combat operations [where one could possibly be isolated behind enemy lines and in need of rescue/extraction] the operator prepares something called an ISOPREP [Isolated Personnel Report].  This “report” has spaces for four personal statements.  These statements should be of the nature of something deeply personal, and something which the operator would never forget under any amount of stress, shock, or duress.  In the unlikely event that an operator is indeed isolated in hostile territory, the operator’s ISOPREP could be used to authenticate the [now] survivor/evader.
Without the ability to repeatedly, covertly, and confidently authenticate “Vega 31” throughout the night, the rescue would never have been successful.
In my case, the ISOPREP was the only means we had of authenticating me covertly.
One of my ISOPREP statements was: “My favorite coin is the Winged Liberty Capped Dime, commonly known as the Mercury Dime, minted from 1916-1945.”  Bits and pieces of this statement were used a number of times, very cleverly, to authenticate me during the “Vega 31” Combat Search and Rescue.
One of the professionals who had a hand in the successful rescue, was a young Intel Specialist who was responsible for my Intel refresher training, and help with preparation of my Evasion Plan of Action and ISOPREP.  She was also [exceptional] in making sure I freshly reviewed my ISOPREP [before stepping to the aircraft] for each of my combat missions.
As a show of my immeasurable gratitude and appreciation for her [the Intel Specialist] role in shaping and influencing things that night, in just the right way, I presented [in front of the entire Squadron] the Merc I had in my pocket [which was also shot down, evaded capture, and rescued that night!] to Christine [the Intel Specialist].
This story has moved me tremendously. I can’t imagine going through what Dale has. He did it and survived and thrived. He is my hero and I am so honored to even know him!
Also, even more wild, he and the enemy Colonel who actually shot him down, have communicated and now have a friendly relationship. Amazing!
I congratulate Dale on his acquisition of one of the greatest Proof Mercs ever! Hopefully now, he can keep it for a very long time. Its heartening to see such tremendous passion.
Sometimes, numismatics has a bigger reach then just being a hobby.