Even though it was a very good show for Legend, we still see a clear need for serious improvements to be made. The ANA just can’t do things right.

First what the heck is this mess with the auction companies? Lot viewing is 3 blocks away. STUPID and dangerous in our opinion. The auction companies paid for their partnerships w/ANA and this is what they get? Many collectors come to the show to see the auction lots then stroll the show. Not having the lots on premises, we see is a huge negative. Move the lot viewing back to the show!

Time for the ANA to realize, they are going to lose the money from the auctions soon. It’s ridiculous for the auctions to pay for the rights only to have the sale a week later. They better figure out what to do when they lose that revenue.

We could go on about who is the official auctioneer and having the auctions later then the show. These are two other topics that need to be revisited.

My firm had a great ANA show. I just do NOT feel it was because of anything the ANA did. I strongly believe they could do a better job with the show to make it more desirable to be at.

Attendance is pathetic. When we say it’s well attended, that means the usual crowd showed up-most likely UNDER 10,000 people including spouses and relatives of dealers. Keep in mind, this is a once-a-year National level major show. We think there should be at least 25,000 people attending (yeah, it’s a dream).

Bring better ANA exhibits. The exhibits the ANA brings are tired. Every year it’s the same coins-the 1804 $1 and a 5C 1913 from the ANA Museum. They need to reach out to the public for better material. Give people a trophy or something.

Do a better job marketing the show. Dealers will pay more if their business make money at a show. The ANA will never understand there is a HUGE world out there. They should hire a national PR firm that will get articles planted in places like Robb Report, Wall Street Journal, etc. We can’t wait to hear how low the turnout was as the ANA tries to spin it is as well attended. NOTE: we did mention collectors returned. But it’s the same group that has always been going to show. The overall attendance totals are a joke as compared to where they should be.

I do like the fact the PNG was delegated to a room off premises on Sunday. BRAVO! The PNG was like a parasite to the show. Now the ANA just needs to figure a better time frame for the show. Monday-Saturday is a long time. Maybe Tue-Sat? Its brutal for dealers to have that extra day. Many we know left the show Thursday afternoon. We’d guess the majority of people can only get there Fri-Sat. Forcing dealers to stay should not be an option, they should want to stay at the show on their own.

Last, I do not think they should be so eager to move the show. Keep it in super easy to reach Chicago and build on it. Comic Con is in hard-to-get San Deigo, but they draw 100,000 people every year! Time to change the charter of the ANA (Moving the show around) as shows are dying events that eat up substantial expenses for all involved.

Legend does not need to spend $2,000.00+ on a table plus travel expenses to have most of its business be wholesale. The ANA needs to do more to make this show successful. Right now it is 100% living on fumes of the past-in my opinion.

I can be reached at Your opinions matter to me! Thanks for reading my opinion about the ANA show.