My last two Hot Topics were written when I was recovering from an operation I did not realize would be so intense. When you are suffering, all kinds of things roll off your tongue. So if I sounded soapy-it was how I was feeling at the moment.

I am more then pleased to tell everyone, I finally am FULLY recovered from the spinal surgery. Whew, only took 4 months. I just was not prepared for the seriousness of the recovery. My dialysis treatments are improving. I am working on making the list for a transplant (oh the hoops one must jump through).

My health over all is vastly improving. I expect to be near my old normal soon (world watch out). You know what that means. I will be working hard again, but not 22 hour days. My office hours will be 8AM-3PM. M, W, F I leave at 3 for dialysis. So far so good on travel, I have not had too. I will fully be able to do all Long Beach and Las Vegas Shows when I feel the timing is right. Baltimore shows too. Frankly the break from traveling to shows has made me miss them (even tho many where dying). I still won’t go to NYC unless its for a Dr appt due to covid-which would be very bad if I got it. I am hoping to be vaccinated soon.

I am so looking forward to a great 2021. I will work hard again with Legend and I hope to start some new great collections and add to others. I want to handle the BEST coins. I have NO plans to retire. If anything , talk to me in 4 years and see where I am at.

Bruce and I are investing heavily in Legend Auctions. We are NOT trying to be Heritage or Stacks in ANY way. We want to be the BEST boutique auction company in the business. I will be back personally vetting all the coins and working with people. I believe we have built an auction house collectors can trust because we are no nonsense. Just wait until you hear our major announcements (one is coming out shortly)!

Of course I will continue my fight against coin doctors and gradeflation. Thank goodness its not as bad as it once was. I will ramp up my fight about the inequalities in this business-especially towards women. I have not seen any dealer standing up to gradeflation this year. We have too or else we will fall to the wayside like stamps.

Legend will be a stronger market maker in many areas. We want collectors to see the better coins are moving up, not down.

Its amazing what a little rest will do. The fire in my heart is back. I now have a much clearer vision and strongly believe 2021 will be a great year for rare coins and me. We’re actually seeing new people enter the hobby. There is so much money out there, it had to happen.

I’m around if any one needs to speak to me. I am only an email away.

I sincerely wish to thank all the people who have encouraged and helped me through my dark times in 2020. The emails I got brought many tears to my eyes. Now its my turn to help collectors again!

P.S> If any of you wonder about George, he is soaking up the badly needed lack of travel. His health is stable and he will be work at Legend for along time. We have been working together for 34 years (Bruce 23 years).