This has been a rough year for me, I’ve been sick and am wounded from it all. I’m worn down and less defensive and I see things differently now. Its unbelievable to me how the vultures in this business who are so jealous and spiteful of me are circling trying to knock me out. They are all pathetic.

What boggles my mind even more is now I see a clear pattern of harassment and yes, DISCRIMINATION. It is more hostile and rampant then any one realizes. 

I forget this is an “old boys click”. I for one have never gone out to strip clubs, dinner, or any events with dealers after a show. I can sit and talk sports with the best of them, but they never really listen to me.  I quit even trying to play poker-most of the time they used me as a waitress anyway.  Until now, I never realized how on the outside looking in I was. The discrimination comes from the HIGHEST ranks of the business. You’d be amazed at what I can and can not do still.  Its not like I haven’t paid my dues. The bullying is right in front of me-probably the grossest one was when I was near death in July and in ICU a dealer berated me for money I owed on a coin until I LOST nearly $100,000.00.  And he made sure every one knew about it. Damn right I had fallen behind I was sick! They do it-because they can. Some do it to try and get my customers. They all have their reasons. Most just can’t stand a female might have a bigger business. The male friends I do have are loath to help me if I am being picked on, they dance around it, I have tolerated that for too long.

There are only 3 real full fledged female coin dealers. There is another, but her father is a dealer (she is very talented) so she is kind of protected. You ever notice where women are not? Do you see them as anything higher then customer service at any grading service? Do you see any higher then clerks at any major numismatic companies?  Why are there so few women in the business? You probably never will see any correction unless some kind of push is made or a lawsuit gets filed.

At least one of the other female dealers has felt the same pressures and out right discrimination (I have not talked to the other).  She once received a $100 gift card around the holidays while the men in the company all got thousands of dollars in cash bonuses. She went on further to say:  “As a woman who was completely disregarded at dealers tables when I was younger merely because I was female. I am always heartened when women stop by my table and ask to look at a coin for their collection, and I tell them how happy I am to see them participating in our hobby. I always lament to them that there are so few of us.” Sadly it could be 3 against hundreds if we tired to make things right. Not good odds. Hey, female coin dealers lives matter too!

I can’t say anything to the offenders as they just berate me harshly. They are trying to stifle my business. If I can’t tolerate it any more, I fully plan on naming names and calling out companies. This is a dirty little secret the coin business has. Its every bit as bad as gradeflation and coin doctoring. I hope this article gets people to be involved in dismantling the harassment and discrimination. I can’t just let things roll off my shoulders like I used too. I also can’t fight as strong either.


Finally, my recovery from the tumor in my spine surgery is almost complete. Now its the 3x a week dialysis that is having a negative effect. It is not true that you feel better after your blood is cleaned.

I do plan on attending FUN Show late Wed afternoon through the Thursday night auctions. I will NOT be there Friday. I am hoping to be vaccinated by the end of Dec (under lying major condition) .


What my traveling future is I can not say now. Anywhere I go for more then 2 days I will need dialysis at the location. It will be a matter of how I feel at the time. I am going to try and attend a few of the majors.

I sincerely thank every one for all the calls and emails. It helped me so much!