My head is ready to explode. Life is all about gold and auctions.

Other coins are just languishing.  Why?  What are you waiting for to pull the trigger?

Or why are you waiting for to sell?

Our biz is very hit or miss right now. We can not get what we need. And I am going nuts as I have a web site w/great coins that have languished. I am not forgetting how many people are on the sidelines now. But if you follow auctions, there are still people with money even fighting for coins. And in these wild west internet auctions I see collector after collector buying bad deals. Why the no trust a qualified dealer?

It is amazing to me no one ever buys or sell at the exact right time. I am telling people, now is NOT a bad time to buy or sell. Especially with gold on the rise. Do NOT wait until it comes down and think you can get the strong money. While it may not be the top, your certainly not going to lose now. No one can ever hit the top-and you do NOT want to be the person trying to sell the day the market starts down (it can be like a car hitting a cinder block wall).

Sorry, this is just me ranting out of frustration. I am not used this market.


If you want real security of NOT buying cleaned or messed with coins, then CAC coins are the ONLY way to go. Buying non CAC gold is dangerous-and I 1000% stand by that comment. Just think: in today’s market place where CAC coins bring strong premiums, why would anyone NOT have a coin beaned? You are NOT a genius thinking you got a great deal all the time. It can happen, but very rarely.

PAYING THE CAC PREMIUM IS REALLY WORTH IT. At some point in your life you are going to want to sell. Even if gold go’s way up, that does not mean you coins will if you own non CAC pieces. If they are CAC they have a better chance of rising in price and even at a greater %. There always is a strong liquid market for CAC coins too.

Feel free to email me with any comments or questions: Sorry if I am a little snarky, I am seeing too much happen I do not like. I HATE seeing people getting burned.