I felt really bad yesterday. Today I feel better and kind of foolish for airing my laundry. The real reason of the HT was about the issue of descriptions. See below the original paragraph:

This all leads to an important issue. I am trying to reduce my work load. I write all the descriptions. They take days/hours to write. Do you all really need to see them? The internet auctions you all crave have none. The big auction houses really don’t say much. Even a few big retail coin dealers do not have any. I would like to hear opinions. Email me direct:

Must to my shock, its a split decision so far.

Thank you to all the people who have emailed me so quickly. I get beat up so bad by dealers and on chatrooms I forget there are decent people out there. My heart is with you all and I am so touched! Hopefully I’ll be better soon.

LAST: A shout out to the heartless major dealer who hounded me for money I owed him (damn right I was late-I was sick) when I was fresh out of ICU and still in the hospital. Stress from him probably had a hand in my sudden demise. I hope he is happy. I also hope he eventually gets run out of this business. We do not need classless people like him in our hobby.