No Rerun For Me


Sadly that is what I have learned I am. I really thought I could go in, fire everyone up, press hard for changes, and really make things happen. Oh was I taught some intense lessons! The one thing I did not realize, was how much time you really need to devote. I was unprepared. I’d work a 12+ hour day only to have to deal with a 4-6 hour conference call that would last into the evening. Of course I had to present for certain meetings. My health has not been well so I simply did not have the energy to run my businesses and really be a contributor. Things happen at a snails pace at the ANA. Most of the time the board was bogged down in “housekeeping” issues-like sitting through four hours of presentations about retirement plans for the employees. Of course there were huge debates over the budget. Sadly, we never got around to what I was there for: Consumer Protection, a better ANA Show, create an ANA University of education to get the world class tutors out there and to offset lost revenue from declining membership. Plus, I am disgusted that regardless of what the developers say, the new web site has failed (no one can confirm an increase in membership). I have not a single negative to say about my fellow board members. The board seems to be a work in progress. I was pleasantly surprised to see serious devotion and little person politics from the other Governors. Old boards may have abused the ANA and been made into personal “fifedoms”, not this board. In fact, I fully support Jeff Garrett for President. He is a guy who gets things done and really IS looking out for the ANA’s best interests. VOTE for him! In the future-when I really can make the time I will be back. Now I know what is expected and what needs to be done. Believe me, I feel like I let everyone down-especially myself. This will haunt me for some time. I accept the fact I was too green to know what to do and could not figure things out. I did try hard. I thank everyone who have supported me through my term. P.S The one positive about not being on the board now: I am free to say things at my own risk. Coin docs, the PNG, and others- I’m back! Please feel free to email me with any comments or suggestions:

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