THINK RATIONAL PEOPLE!  First, let me state I have NEVER been a fan of the Set Registries. I do see they can do some good and are good for record keeping, but I happen to see a lot of negatives. I do fully agree with the  banning of  “other” grading services from NGC Registries. In the beginning when PCGS started its Registry it was all PCGS. I thought it was crude but later I realized PCGS has a right to include ONLY PCGS coins. Its their Registry, it is all about the PCGS product.  NGC acted like it was taking the high road and decided to include ALL services in its Registry (at the time I believe their action was more an in your face to PCGS). That was a huge mistake, they should have stayed all NGC in the beginning. So now, years later, they decide to insult their rivals and deprive collectors of what has become an important tool to them. Again, I do not have any problem with NGC going all NGC. Its how they did it, they did it so late in the game, and why. This action was clearly a slap in the face to collectors while trying to take a cheap shot at “other” grading services (I am not going into the grading issues today-that one day will be one hell of a Hot Topics). Back to the Registry issue. Folks the Registries are NOT why you collect. You collect coins for their history,beauty, quality, etc. Not to see where you rank in some rat race. I get disgusted when I see collectors who strive to be on top only ending up with over graded poor coins. Do NOT live your collecting life for a Registry. Recently I completed an amazing 20th Century set of gold. If it were to be ranked, the $20 Saints would be #2.  My customer was not in it for the game. He loves coins as much as anyone. His sets are worth no less because they are not registered. I have NOT urged him to post his sets either. I laughed when I saw one person crowing how much they feel betrayed by NGC for disallowing “other” brands yada yada. Dude, how the hell did you collect BEFORE registries? I can’t believe how people are upset about all this. Please get a grip. Salzberg has every right to do that-just his reasoning was poor.  There are more important issues out there to be upset about-coin doctoring is making a small come back, we’re in a choppy to weaker market, our biggest organization The ANA is seriously floundering (they should be the ones to sponsor a Registry), etc. Today, there are things called spread sheets or you can use an old fashioned pad and pen to keep track of your coins. People, start thinking more clearly, there was a time when no Registries existed (OMG-yes I am that old)! Any comments please email me:

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