2022 IS HERE!


What a mess 2022 already is. The FUN show will be nothing more then a big local show due to Covid. Massive numbers of the “right” dealers are not going. Laura Sperber is NOT attending. Legend will have a table-that will be staffed by our auction crew. As of this writing we are not sending Legend coins either. Again, Legend Auctions will be there with highlights of our Regency 50 sale.


We noticed a better High Relief we sold recently is already up for auction. The coin graded PCGS MS66+ CAC. We were told the owner apparently got spooked by someone saying gold is too hot to buy better gold. What in the world were they thinking, BAD MOVE!

Yes, we strongly feel MS64 or lower High Reliefs are coins to sell now (we would pay $29,500.00 for any PCGS CAC MS64 HR). In MS64 there are OVER 1,000 graded. In our opinion, these are expensive “widgets”.  In MS66+ there are only 73 with 23 possibly beaned. We LIKE GEM High Reliefs! If you notice, there have been only a handful for sale in the past year or so. While MS64’s, were available. It is NO crime if you want to own a HR in 64, we just don’t like the current value. Historically, High Reliefs in GEM have always been sought by top tier collectors-sometimes in quantity!

The coins we suggest you sell or take profits in are mostly generics or semi generics. We see coins like MS 66/66+ Saints as a mini bubble. We know for a fact MS66+ PCGS CAC coins been hoarded by several different people. In 2019 you could buy all you wanted for $3,500.00 (66) and $4,000.00 (66+). Today we will pay you $4,500.00 for PCGS CAC W/M MS66 Saints and $5,500.00 for MS66+ W/M PCGS CAC Saints.

We do NOT suggest you sell your REAL numismatic gold. Even though gold is hot, better gold was and is still too cheap in many areas. ONLY SELL YOUR EXCESS COINS YOU ARE IN STRONG PROFITS ON OR HAVE AS DUPLICATES. Especially generic gold. It is still time to buy BETTER gold.

The hunger for better gold is still crazy. Its not speculative at all. Many different collections are being built. The sad part, these coins only appear in the bigger auctions and what fights have erupted over them! You have to pay up though to own the best.

Legend Numismatics is not just a seller of rare coins. We are here to help you achieve your goals. Look at the world class collections we have built: Simpson, Half Dome, Naples, RSD Barber 25C,  Black Cat, the list goes on! We can buy, take on memo, or place your coins in our Regency sales your coins. More important, our world class numismatists are the right people to advise you. We do make suggestions that are in YOUR BEST interests. Few dealers know the market as intimately as we do. We ARE major market makers in many areas. Our contacts are the ultimate and were built up over 40 years!  So let us help you decide what to keep or sell.


$2.5 INDIANS PCGS MS65 CAC $2,950.00

$3 PCGS MS64 CAC  $5,850.00

$3 PCGSMS65 CAC $12,000.00

$5 LIBS PCGSMS65 CAC $2,600.00

$5 INDIAN PCGS MS65 CAC $14,000.00

$10 LIBS PCGS MS63 CAC $1,025.00

$10 LIBS PCGS MS64 CAC $1,750.00

$10 LIBS PCGS MS65 CAC $3,850.00

$10 INDIAN PCGS MS65 CAC $5,000.00

$20 LIBS PCGS MS63 CAC $2,000.00

$20 LIBS PCGS MS64  CAC $2,650.00

$20 LIBS PCGS MS65 CAC $4,850.00

$20 HR ANY PCGS MS63 CAC $20,000.00

$20 HR ANY PCGS MS64 CAC $29,500.00

$20 SAINT PCGS MS66 CAC $4,500.00

$20 SAINT PCGS MS66+ CAC $5,500.00

We buy much more then generics. We do buy NON-CAC coins too-call or email us to discuss. Take some profits today! Make Legend your source for getting the MOST money!


No FUN, maybe no NEWPS. Ugh oh! We might have some fresh Half Dome duplicates to post. Stay tuned.

Legend is BUYING. What do you have for sale? We will buy entire collections to get the coin or coins we need. These days we need many coins!



A watch list for Regency 50 is now posted. Pre bidding will start shortly. The sale ends with alive session January 27tth in Las Vegas at the PCGS invitational.

There are 290 AMAZING lots. We call this a “no dreck” auction! The CU value of the sale is $5,600,000.00! 

We are accepting consignments for auction 51-to be held in conjunction with the CSNS Show. Minimum $2,500.00 per lot-$15,000.00. We are only accepting toners if they are CAC.

Our auction team is the BEST in the business. They will craft a plan that will maximize your returns. Our resources are the same or better then some of the big guys!