2021 BETTER THEN 1980 AND 1989! 

Legend Numismatics is pleased to tell you we experienced our second best year ever.  Only 2008 when we did a $38 Million dollar Pattern deal (still the biggest deal ever) did we do better. Our sales were in excess of $50 million in 2021. Out side  of the mega three coin deal for $13.35 million, the biggest coin we sold was the Ultra High Relief PCGS PR68 for $4.15 million. we sold  SEVERAL others between $1.5-$2.5 million each. To put it in perspective, the average value of coins we sold was $18,000.00! WOW!

The difference between 1980 and 1989-there was NO speculative buying. The wave started at FUN. We were blown away by the results in the FUN sale. Typically the market slows after FUN. This time it did not. We kept waiting for the typical slow points and they never happened. For us, activity just kept building until we exploded in October/November. We are thrilled that along the way we picked several powerful and educated customers. These new customers were totally new to coin buying. We are impressed at their knowledge and goals.

We still see too much money looking for places to go. Apparently the coin market finally looks good to the outside world. FUN will be very interesting this year. They shut down the dealers pre show rooms. Covid probably will keep some people away. And there is still a horrible lack of  neat and quality coins to be found outside of auctions. Like last year, watch for record prices to be set at the FUN auction. We are going down with only one box of coins and are looking to buy (like everyone else).

The ONLY BULL MARKET we have is in rare gold. Generic gold is red hot too. Silver Type is hit or miss. Copper and Nickel coins-good luck, they are the bottom of the market with little interest.

We still believe you should sell your dupes if you are in profit. Trades are not wise to obtain special “cash” coins when they appear. If you can write a check chances are you’ll get offered more and at better prices.


If 2022 is even 1/3 of what 2021 was-great!  in our opinion, we see the first 1/4 of 2022 with no change. The market is so strong it just can’t stop overnight. The time to watch is 2 weeks after FUN. We doubt our auction at the end of January will be anything less then a blockbuster. Most likely Long Beach will be the critical time to see if the market still has legs.

Since FUN is the last hurrah for no shows in a year or two, attendance should be spectacular-unless Covid cancels too many trips. So many people have told us they were going. We all know the coins in the auction (the few places where you can find neat quality coins) will do well with many records set.

The lack of coins we can buy away from shows actually exceeds what we could buy at a show these days. But then our expectations have dropped and we have been dealing in bigger coins. Cheaper coins simply are not available at any premium. We do see the top of the market still being disrupted by NEW money coming in. In 2021 we watched as the top rarities were scooped up with no break start last FUN show. More big ticket coins traded hands then the public knows of-a lot more. So long as the plans are for these coins to remain off the market-GREAT for everyone!

We are hoping people start looking away from gold and start collecting Type again. It has to happen as there simply is not enough gold coins around. Plus, prices really have shot up since ANA on better gold coins.

In a nutshell, we are BULLISH on the 1st quarter of 2022, no further. Its always been in the back of our minds that the market could have turned too big and a worse lack of supply will cripple prices and dealing. It actually has happened to a degree before the pandemic. Plus, no one is stuck at home day trading anymore and looking for things to buy. It will be a very interesting 2022.

If you have aby questions, please feel free to email or call us. We are here to help you!


We posted a few NEWPS. We will NOT have another round of NEWPS until we come home from FUN. We expect that batch to posted late on Saturday evening.

There are some great coins posted. Check them out-they are all PCGS CAC! Everything is chosen for eye appeal and quality.


LRCA completed another successful year. In every auction multiple world record were set. While we are happy with our results, we are even more excited about 2022.

Regency sale 50 is special. There is NO dreck!  Its a smaller sale with powerful coins. We know records will be set as with out much fanfare the prelist already has 10,000+ eye balls and people have contacted us about phone bidding and terms.


We expect a major upgrade to the internet customer experience to be completed in the first quarter. It will include record most of the tools collectors are accustomed too in the bigger auction houses. Yes, we’ll be in the 21 century!

This will also be our first year holding a sale at the CSNS show.

We are always accepting consignments. Contact the BEST team in the biz: